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Iceland is painted in every shade of green during its brief summer. The coastal pastures provide for the free roaming sheep, icelandic horses and dairy cattle. The older lava fields are covered by moss that is at least six inches deep and feels like a memory foam mattress. The highlands have less grass, a thinner paler moss, and more exposed lava fields. Everywhere are waterfalls, large and small, fed by the melting of the glaciers. The glaciers are not smooth, but rugated and outlined by lava ash. The icebergs formed by the calving of the glacier too have layers of black ash and even small rocks. Along the coast are abandoned stone houses and cellars dug into the hills and covered with sod. The rock formations along the coast are geometric abstracts fascinating in their design. I hope you enjoy these images which are best viewed large to capture the scale and grandeur of the Iceland's geology.
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