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Whether pickup or dump, fire engine or 18 wheeler, trucks hold a fascination and demand respect. They truly live and die by the cliche -- they simply fade away. The images in this gallery were captured at a truck "graveyard" where they linger on in open fields, along the road and in a few sheds. Nature is slowly absorbing them and in so doing, often allows them to go in a blaze of colors, patterns and shapes.
Radiator 1Vine invasionFORD arrowA new form of artery.Bubble up.Home Moving and DemolitionWhite TrucksCHEVYFORDRadiator 2Escaping BubblesGMCHUB500 WHATLace IceVirginia DairyVirginia Dairy 2Virginia Dairy 3Headlight 1Headlight 1 B&W