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The "dime novel" Front Cover

Lonaconing Silk Mill.This mill, located at the western tip of Maryland, processed raw silk from China and Japan from 1907 until it closed in June, 1957. The building is just as it was the day it closed, without restoration. The worker's left one afternoon and when they returned in the morning, the factory was closed. They never got back inside, and their positions were left untouched.

I can only imagine the monotony of watching these spinners for hours at a time. It is little wonder that they would want escape, to dream of a better or at least a more exciting life. Such aspirations were the basis for the early romance novels, referred to at the time as the "dime novels" reflecting their price.

Only the front and back covers remain of this one, probably read by one of the young ladies working in the mill.

Read the covers and notice the name of the author.

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The "dime novel" Front Cover