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Treasure Map?

Treasure Map? Lonaconing Silk Mill.

This mill, located at the western tip of Maryland, processed raw silk from China and Japan from 1907 until it closed without warning or notice, in June, 1957. (During WWII, it spun rayon some of which was used for ally parachutes.) The building is just as it was the day it closed, without restoration. The rows upon rows of "spinning" machines, some made of wood as well as metal, remain.

Exploring the abandoned mill, I discovered this large cart full of spindles on top of which was this note. I have tried to imagine what the "instructions" could mean, or why they were written and left in the cart. (Remember, the workers went home one evening, fully expecting to report back to work the following morning, only to find upon their arrival that morning that the plant was closed. They never re-entered the building.)

I speculate that perhaps the mill employed a visually handicapped worker and that someone had carefully measured off the distances (in steps) of the "route" the worker would take delivering the spindles.

Or of course, it could indeed be the directions to a hidden treasure!

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Treasure Map?