My hope and aspiration is for my images to evoke feelings, emotions and memories, encourage contemplation and exploration, and allow you to question even if there is no immediate answer. Linger and ponder, explore and wonder through both the concrete and the abstract images, but most importantly, enjoy. My goal is to help you see and feel, as I do when I create the images.

My photographic career began in high school, when I was one of the feature reporters and a photographer for the Richmond News Leader's Young Virginian section. Subsequently, I departed “photo journalism” to concentrate on nature and landscape photography. Over the last few years, I have migrated towards a more abstract depiction of nature and "objects".

I have been most influenced by the impressionist artists, although the work of Ansel Adams definitely shapes my style, especially in monochrome and infra-red photography. More contemporary photographers such as Tony Sweet are true inspirations and his work in particular forms a foundation for many of my images.

I have had the honor and privilege of studying with photographic legends including Tony Sweet, Andre Gallant, Freeman Patterson, Charles Glatzer, Andy Biggs and Sunny Reynolds. Their mentoring has served both as lofty goal and as encouragement as I struggle to provide voice to my images.